Bionic Bodies offers bespoke one to one personal training in Central London and worldwide online coaching. We specialise in delivering body and lifestyle transformations from general health, well-being and fat loss to competitive coaching. With over 15 years of experience, our team of fitness specialists employ methods that are up to date, applicable and sustainable.

All our plans are tailored to suit each individuals goal, lifestyle, food preferences and fitness levels. All dietary requirements can be accommodated – vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or any food intolerances you may have, will be taken into account.

Whether your goal is general health, fat loss, improved body composition, or aesthetic training, our team will coach, guide and support you throughout your journey. We will create the perfect plan to match your GOAL.

With our guidance and coaching, we will educate you by providing you the tools required to get in shape, stay in shape and enjoy a healthier happier lifestyle.




Alex came to us not because she was unhappy with her body. She just wanted to trim down waist area and love handles. She tried many diets and she would lose weight but never managed to trim down the waist area. 6 kgs down and she’s now extremely pleased with her improved body shape!



Becoming the best you can be requires behavioural changes which includes implementing good eating habits and regular exercise into your lifestyle.

If you want it you’ll find a way, if you don’t you’ll find an excuse.



Believing in yourself is the first secret to success.

Your life is as good as your mindset – positive thinking, dedication and consistency are key elements to achieve what you desire.


We believe everyone should be treated differently because we are all different. Our methods are not a cookie cutter.

” Our coaching methods are adapted to your specific needs to ensure you achieve your goals while learning and enjoying the process ” .


Our Healthy Lean Living Online Coaching Programme is a 12 week programme aimed at those looking to lose weight, improve their health markers, gain nutritional knowledge and work on other aspects of general wellbeing such as mental health. A key focus of this programme is placed in providing a flexible approach to nutrition and lifestyle practices to ensure sustainability, consistency and adherence which are key elements for long term weight loss success. As well as a bespoke exercise programme, 2 x 30 minute one to one virtual meetings per month with your coach is also included to evaluate progress and make sure you stay motivated in your journey.

If you struggle to stay motivated to workout by yourself, we offer virtual classes which you can join from anywhere in the world. If you require extra initial support in your journey, you may consider one of our Virtual One to One Personal Training & Coaching Memberships to start with and transition to Online Coaching only later on.


Our Virtual One to One Personal Training & Coaching Memberships come with the same benefits as our Healthy Lean Living Online Coaching Programme but with the full personal experience of training tailored to your goals, fitness levels and equipment available. It works exactly the same way as a face to face personal training session but ran virtually at an environment of your choice.

Guidance, motivation, education and direction are key aspects of our coaching methods. Sessions are 45 minutes long covering your workout, check ins and feedback. Further communication and support via WhatsApp and email are also included.


Our Specialised Coaching Membership is suitable for individuals with more agressive body composition goals within strict timelines. This can vary from getting photo shoot ready to physique competitions. This membership includes bespoke nutrition plan, training programme, daily progress monitoring and a once a week virtual 30 minute check in with your coach to evaluate results.


Bionic Bodies offers virtual low impact workouts suitable to all fitness levels. Stay healthy, active and supple with workouts that are fun, well structured, simple and achievable to all. Workout with us from anywhere you are in the world! We have classes running throughout the week. Check our growing timetable and stay connected for new classes coming up!