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What do you think of what you hear the word ‘testosterone’? Maybe your memory floats back to your secondary school science classes, something kind of hormone that men have – right? Testosterone is a sex hormone that is naturally made in men’s bodies, but it also exists in women’s bodies in lesser quantities. One of […]

Traditional dieting has always centred on counting calories and ensuring that there is a deficit between the energy you take in and the energy you expend. It is true that in order to lose weight is essential that the calories burned are more than the ones consumed. Healthy and long lasting results are best achieved […]

The hardest part about a diet isn’t losing weight, it’s keeping it off. When you first begin a regime you’re spurred on by watching your body change shape and this keeps you motivated.

Nut butters have become really popular, but are they all equal? Bionic Bodies has done some serious label reading to find out which ones you should gorge yourself.

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