The 8 Top Secrets for Bikini Body countdown

The 8 Top Secrets for Bikini Body countdown
Summer is approaching! Finally! Get ready for the bikini season with these 8 Bionic Bodies bikini body tips.
1 – Love your body. Curves are the new in thing. Don’t worry too much about your weight. Find clothes that flatter your shape accentuating your best features.
2 – Stay hydrated. Drinking water not only is great for your skin and overall health but it also helps eliminate water retention so less bloating.
3 – Eliminate sodas, sugar free carbonated drinks and all sorts of calorie free beverages, including juices, iced tea, iced coffees, cocktails and sugary shakes. Try and have pure water instead. These drinks will mess our hormonal systems making us crave more sugar.
4 – Get enough sleep. Being sleep deprived can lead to weight gain simply because our body derives its energy from food and sleep. If one it’s lacking the other one needs to increase to sustain energy levels. So no sleep = more food in order to function.
5 – Exercise is key to stay in shape. Be more active by adding some outdoor hill walks. Or hit the gym for a fat burning workout. There’s plenty of group classes and gyms. Lack in motivation? Hire a personal trainer that will design a programme according to your needs.
6 – Buy some new fashionable gym apparel that will motivate you to stay more active. Leggings are great for inside and outside the gym. There’s a vast choice of versatile women’s fitness apparel that will take you from gym to street in one go always looking on point.
7 – Add more protein into your diet. Not only protein will provide you with satiety buy it also requires more calories to be digested in comparison to carbs and fat. If you struggle to increase your protein intake, consider adding a whey protein shake that is low in carbs and sugars. (Check Bionic Bodies Lean Curves Meal Replacement).
8 – And finally meditate or reduce your stress. It sounds weird but when stress levels are high our bodies tend to produce more cortisol which can lead to increased abdominal fat in some people.

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