About Us

B I O N I C    B O D I E S  offers elite and bespoke personal training in central London.

The company was established 4 years ago by Personal Trainers, wine and food lovers and soul mates Michelle Martinez and Werner Botes. Mixing Werner’s bodybuilding background and Michelle’s balanced ways of living they ensure their experience, high standards and innovative methods of training are portrayed through the brand.

The core of Bionic Bodies ethos is MIND and BODY connection and EDUCATION. We sync our mind and body through awareness and education which will translate into other areas of our lives. In the end,


Our unique training methods and approach to healthy living will help you achieve a strong, capable and functional body. With our caring philosophy in mind we will show you how to get in shape and stay in shape by providing you with all the tools you need to enjoy a new, lean and healthy way of living.

B I O N I C    B O D I E S  training methods are suitable to all fitness levels and we look forward to have you as part of our community embracing wellness and spreading love, kindness and good vibes every day!