Are You Neglecting Your Bones?

Are You Neglecting Your Bones?

We all remember the jingle, ‘them bones, them bones need calcium’, but how many of us gets enough calcium every day? Calcium is essential for the maintenance of strong bones. Deficiency can lead to osteoporosis. This is a condition where the bones become brittle and break easily. This is a really important issue for women’s health because we are more at risk for a number of reasons.

The first reason is one that many of you might have been through or are looking to go through in the future – pregnancy! Yes, when you grow a baby inside of you they take their calcium directly from you. The more babies you have the more toll has been taken on your calcium resources.

This brings us onto the second problem. Many women know that dairy foods are a good source of calcium, but how many of us know that we need three servings per day to reach the recommended daily allowance? That’s a lot of milk, yoghurt and cheese! Of course, a lot of us now use non-dairy replacements for these products. These are usually fine because they have calcium added to them. However, if you’re buying organic non-dairy products you might be unaware that they don’t have added calcium. Since many of these alternatives don’t have naturally occurring calcium you could be unintentionally neglecting your nutritional needs.

The third problem is that calcium needs vitamin D to be absorbed. Without it, all the calcium will go to waste. Vitamin D doesn’t naturally occur in many foods, but it has been added to some breakfast cereals. You can also get it from sunlight (not that we get much of that!). You may have heard that a public health advisor for the UK recently recommended that we all take a Vitamin D supplement because of the difficulty of incorporating it into our diets. Bionic Bodies Multi Vit has got Vitamin D3 (D3 is the preferred kind) in it, as well as a host of other important nutrients.

Proper calcium and vitamin D intake is so important for women’s health. We hope you will take a look at your own diet and make sure you’re getting enough. The worst thing about calcium deficiency is that it won’t present itself until it’s too late.

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