Bionic Bodies Carnitine

Bionic Bodies Carnitine

Carnitine is an amino acid that is naturally made in the body. Its function is to break down fat to convert it into energy. Your liver and kidneys are the organs which are responsible for your own production, but it’s also found in foods such as red meat, poultry, fish and some dairy foods.

There are two types of Carnitine. There’s synthetic D-Carnitine and there’s natural L-Carnitine. Bionic Bodies Carnitine only uses the natural L-type because we believe that it’s always better to take from Mother Nature, not a laboratory.

Taking a carnitine supplement gives your body the tools it need to maximise the burning of stored fats. This makes it a great supplement for any woman who is working out regularly because your results will come through faster. It also helps fight off fatigue, so those trips to the gym will feel a bit easier and your workout performance will be improved. It even helps to reduce your workout recovery time.
As an added bonus, as well as helping your body look fabulous, carnitine is good for your skin because it contributes to cell renewal. We’re not saying you’ll be able to ditch your night cream just yet, but you’ll definitely be giving your skin a boost.

Bionic bodies Carnitine supplements

It’s also really easy to take. Bionic Bodies suggests taking two tablets, one to three times per day, with food. When you first begin taking this supplement you could take two tablets per day and slowly increase this over time. This is an efficient way of helping to combat the plateau we all experience when we’ve been training at the gym for a while.

Our carnitine is stimulant free, so it can be taken before your evening workouts so your sleep will not be disturbed.

Bionic Bodies offers a range of health supplements specifically designed to help you reach your goals and take your body to the next level.

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