Shake Up Your Office Routine

Don’t let your desk job impact on your body’s health; stop yourself from getting stiff and achy by following our advice. Begin with the foundation of your office health: the chair you’re sitting on. Make sure the height is properly adjusted so that you’re not hunched over your desk.

Sleep Your Way To Good Health

Eating the right foods and regularly exercising aren’t enough to maintain good health. You also need to get a solid night’s sleep every night. This blog post is going to highlight some of the main benefits of spending quality time with your duvet and then give you some tips on how to get the best rest you can.

Save Your Skin

Now that the colder months are upon us you might have noticed that your skin and hair is feeling drier than usual. One of the biggest contributor to dry skin and hair is the drastic temperature change that you’re exposed to when you leave your cosy home. Your central heating also has a drying effect.

Are You Neglecting Your Bones?

We all remember the jingle, ‘them bones, them bones need calcium’, but how many of us gets enough calcium every day? Calcium is essential for the maintenance of strong bones. Deficiency can lead to osteoporosis. This is a condition where the bones become brittle and break easily.

Get The Most Out Of Your Athletic Apparel

Remember how excited Bionic Bodies was at seeing sportswear on the catwalks of the A/W16 Fashion Weeks? We want to further that interest and advise you on how to get the most wear out of your fabulous leggings with this post.

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