Chia Seeds Energy Balls

Chia Seeds Energy Balls

Save some bucks and nourish your body with these healthy and delicious chia seed energy balls. This recipe is super easy, quick and it requires no baking.


-45g chia seeds

-60g any nut butter

-1 Scoop Bionic Bodies Lean Curves

-25g unsweetened cocoa powder

-25g honey or agave nectar

-15g coconut oil (melted but not hot)

-1/2 TSP vanilla extract

-1 TSP stevia for extra sweetness (optional)

-1 TBSP water/milk

-Coconut flakes or flour to coat

Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl by hand or food processor. Roll the mixture into 7 medium balls or you could make smaller ones if you wish. Coat balls in desiccated coconut or coconut flour.

Enjoy this marvellous treat as a snack or as a quick pick me up when those cravings kick in!

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