Easy And Delicious Protein Balls

Easy And Delicious Protein Balls

Treat yourself well with these easy to make and delicious protein balls made from good quality ingredients coming directly from your cupboard. As much as pre made “healthy” snacks are promoted as being all natural and organic, making our own is so much healthier as we know what goes in it.

This recipe is quick and easy, it doesn’t require baking but most importantly is free from nasties. As fitness and health junkies we always search for good healthy recipes that do not require hours in the kitchen but most importantly that taste good.

This recipe is amazing so we wanted to share it with you to make your life as sweet as ours 🙂


– 150g buckwheat flakes or instant oats (Rolled/Jumbo oats are not suitable)
– 100g (4 scoops) Bionic Bodies Lean Curves
– 40g flaxseed powder
– 50g almond/peanut/cashew butter
– 30g manuka honey
– 1 TBSP stevia
– 80ml unsweetened almond milk (water also works)
– 25g desiccated coconut or cacao powder (for coating)

Mix everything in a bowl and form balls coated in the coconut or cacao. Makes roughly 11 to 12 balls.


By Michelle Martinez


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