Founder and Director of Bionic Bodies, Michelle Martinez Shares The Story Behind Her Company

Founder and Director of Bionic Bodies, Michelle Martinez Shares The Story Behind Her Company

Before the days of Bionic Bodies, I used to be an office worker who started as a junior  admin and ended as a HR officer. As much as I loved working with people it was still a standard 9 to 5 role that had me staring at a computer screen all day. I’ve always been an active person, ever since I was a young girl, so that type of sedentary lifestyle drove me crazy. Am one of those people who doesn’t stop and can’t sit for hours. It feels like my body needs to be moving all day long, so being chained to a desk during my working hours made me really unhappy.

I used to go to the gym every day – before work, during lunchtime, or after work. It was a level of commitment that my colleagues couldn’t understand. To them, the gym was a chore. Somewhere you went a few times a week to stay healthy or to burn off the cakes that were brought on someone’s birthday (there seemed to be a lot of birthdays!). Whereas, to me, going to the gym was the best part of the day leaving me on a good mood, energised and feeling great.

On the days I couldn’t workout at lunch time and had to wait the whole day until I finished work so I could head to the gym made me grumpy. I even noticed a change in my mood; sitting still for a long periods of time made me feel annoyed and irritable. When I can’t move around or be active in some sort of way I become unhappy because I’m fighting my natural energy. 

It was becoming more and more obvious that the office lifestyle wasn’t for me, so when I was made redundant I can’t say I was too upset because I saw it as an opportunity to change career track. The idea of being in my mid twenties and out of work may seem scary to some, but I was excited at the prospect. It was then that I decided to turn my passion into my job. As part of my redundancy package, I received 6 months’ pay which I used to become qualified as a personal trainer. I can’t say that taking a big leap with my professional life wasn’t frightening at times, but I knew that this was the path that was going to make me happy in the long-run, so I had to stick with it and give it my all. 

Fast forward to the current day and I’m now a fully qualified personal trainer who can’t wait to go to work every morning. It’s so fulfilling getting to do something I love for a living. Even though office work wasn’t for me, I’m grateful for the years I spent doing it because that experience makes me realise how fortunate I am to have the job I have now. It’s also really rewarding getting to share my passion for fitness with other people and motivating them to become healthier in their own lives. Of course, personal training is only part of how I make my living. Bionic Bodies – the company that I founded – sells a range of athletic apparel and nutritional shakes too. 

Looking to the future, I want to drive the success of Bionic Bodies further by expanding the range of products it offers. A wider variety of flavours in the nutritional shakes is currently in development. I also want to expand into the health products market. These two areas are important to me because a healthy lifestyle is about more than just going to the gym. A good diet is key to achieving success. As well as this, I’d like to see Bionic Bodies hit the high street. Getting my products into the stores would be a major achievement given the competition in the market, but it’s a goal I’m working towards. 

If reading my story made you want to make a change in your own professional life my advice would be to go for it. There’s nothing like the feeling of working a job that you love and I can guarantee that if you take the leap you’ll never regret it.

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