Guide On Best Post-Workout Recovery Foods

Guide On Best Post-Workout Recovery Foods

After an intense session at the gym you need to make sure you’re giving your body everything it needs to recover, otherwise you’ll feel sluggish and achy. Building muscle tone takes protein, so your meal needs to incorporate lean protein rich foods. Chicken breast, turkey, salmon or eggs are ideal sources. It’s also really important to eat carbohydrates after a gym session. Carbohydrates get a bad press, but they’re an essential part of our diet and necessary for energy. Brown rice, potatoes and pasta are all good sources of starchy carbohydrates, but the sugary carbohydrates found in fruit are also great for recovery. One of our favourite post-workout snacks is pineapple. It delivers the energy hit we need and has anti-inflammatory properties to sooth our muscles.

Whatever combination of protein and carbohydrates you chose, eat them in a 60:40 ratio. The timing of your meal is also really important. There’s a post-workout window of about an hour that will supersize the benefits you draw from your food. If you’re serious about making full use of this then you need to become organised and bring food with you to the gym. If this doesn’t appeal to you, the next best thing is to drink a protein shake and eat a piece of fruit. We recommend our Bionic Bodies Lean Curves; it’s only 99kcal per serving.

A final point to remember is that it’s very important to hydrate after a workout. Water is absolutely key, even if you don’t feel thirsty. If you get bored of all that H2O you could also drink coconut water or fresh fruit juice. However, we don’t recommend going overboard on these because they contain sugars. They’re naturally occurring good sugars, but they should still be enjoyed in moderation.



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