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Our range of health supplements aim to support you through your journey to being the best you. Bionic Bodies Pure CLA is designed to help you lose fat and improve muscle tone, giving you that beautiful trim look you desire. This supplement contains a highly concentrated form of linoleic acid. This acid occurs naturally, so there’s no need to worry about nasty laboratory made chemicals. However, our bodies do not produce this substance so if we don’t take it in through our food or through a tablet then we’ll miss out on all the benefits.

Linoleic acid is more commonly known as omega-6. It’s very important for smooth muscle contraction, which is needed if you do any kind of exercise. It can lower body fat, and is even more effective when combined with a structured exercise routine. This is because it quickens your metabolic rate. It’s such a trooper of a substance that it can reduce fat whilst preserving muscle tissue! Therefore it’s a great way to boost your workout routine.

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If you would really like to see some amazing results then we suggest that you use this supplement alongside a structured workout routine. An efficient routine takes into account your current situation and creates a realistic and achievable timeline to reaching yours goals. If you live near Marylebone, central London, get in touch with Bionic Bodies Personal Training Team. Our team of friendly exercise and nutrition experts can help you figure out a nutritional and fitness plan that works for you.

Deciding to take this supplement couldn’t be simpler. Take one capsule, three times per day. At this dosage a bottle will last for one month.

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