Hot Autumn/Winter 2016 Trends We Love

Hot Autumn/Winter 2016 Trends We Love

We’ve loved watching the coverage of London Fashion Week, New York, Milan and Paris all put on a good show, but nothing beats London for us. Lots of upcoming trends were revealed, but we’re most excited about three: velvet, chunky boots and sportswear. Here’s why.

Velvet is a great way of adding a twist to a simple outfit because of the texture of the fabric. You could be heading to the shops in a simple black t-shirt and jeans, but add velvet into the mix and you’ve created an air of chic without much effort. Another fantastic thing about this trend is that velvet clothes are good and thick, so they’re perfect for the upcoming chilly months.

We’re a big fan of chunky boots for a similar reason. They’re such a practical and versatile footwear optional that can add a statement to an otherwise plain outfit. They’re also a great option for icy weather because they tend to have textured soles.

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There are no prizes for guessing why we’re excited about sportswear. For too long athletic clothes were old t-shirts and ill-fitting tracksuit bottoms. Bionic Bodies has been championing the rise of the gym wear you’re proud to wear outside of the gym for some time now, and we knew that it was catching on, but the display of sportswear on the runway is something special.
It’s all about well-cut pieces in high quality fabrics. With the current popularity of prints nothing is off limits. It’s pretty much our dream come true.

Like with everything else, we only love the trends that transform into wearable high-street clothes. Bionic Bodies has always been about real women, so we only stand for real clothes. We loved the Autumn/Winter 2016 fashion shows because they’ve taken on this ethos (whether they meant to or not).

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