Maximise Your Workout without Maxing out Yourself

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It takes dedication and self-control to stick to an exercise regime, but the most important factor in any fitness programme is making sure it works for you. Your personality and lifestyle ought to shape your exercise regime just as much as your work commitments and family situation.

Don’t push yourself to get up at 6am to jog before work if you hate early mornings because this kind of behaviour will lead you to hate exercising. Exercise at a time that feels right to you and remember to not overdo it. Rest days are an important part of any fitness programme because they allow mind and muscle recovery. What’s more, they’re essential to maintaining mental commitment. None of us should be on a diet or health kick; we should all be trying to sustain a healthy lifestyle, and part of this is rest.

Another important factor in any training session is ensuring you’re wearing the correct fitness apparel for the exercise you’re engaging in. Cardio usually requires more support so you ought to be wearing a good sports bra. Other exercises require free movement so you should be wearing fitted athletic wear, like leggings. Athletic wear that incorporates stretchy fabrics tend to be the best.

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One of the biggest blocks to achieving maximum results is a poor diet, especially one which lacks in protein. To really give your body a boost you should have protein within 30 minutes of your workout. A fuss-free way of doing this is to have a protein shake, such as a Bionic Bodies Lean Curves shake.

Finally, you should look in the mirror and give yourself credit for the healthy lifestyle you’re leading. It’s easy to get caught up in targets and goals, but telling yourself that you look good and feel healthy is essential to retaining your mental commitment. And what’s more, taking a few moments to concentrate on positivity is a great way to keep your mood elevated.

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