Bionic Bodies Methodology


The Bionic Bodies Methodology was created by Michelle Martinez and Werner Botes, fitness experts and founders of the brand. It is divided into two programmes: Our Signature Programme, the Lean Curves Method for women and the Alpha Male Method for men. Both programmes were carefully designed to reshape your body in the right places always focusing on easy and simple solutions that allow you to stay fit and healthy bearing in mind a busy schedule.

The Lean Curves Method is a 3 step training approach that will provide you with all the necessary tools to build your glutes and trim your waistline.

The Alpha Male Method is a full upper body shaping approach that will test both muscular endurance and strength while building lean muscle and burning fat.

In addition to our above master programmes, we offer Bionic Bodies HIIT and Bionic Bodies Core & Stretch training sessions.

The Bionic Bodies HIIT is a full body workout that will challenge your cardiovascular and athletic capabilities with short bursts of intense exercise burning crazy amounts of calories. Expect to get fit and burn fat in no time!

The Bionic Bodies Core & Stretch is designed to strengthen and tone your core muscles, improve your mobility and flexibility in this low impact style session that will leave your mind feeling relaxed and your body invigorated.

The Bionic Bodies Methodology will provide you with all the tools you need to enjoy a new, lean and healthy way of living with long lasting results.