Band and Glider Set



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Take your booty workouts to a new level with this essential set. Bionic Bodies Booty kit includes 2 bands with the perfect resistance and a pair of gliders all packed in a stylish black pouch to keep it all together.

BLACK BAND: Strong resistance. The ultimate glute terminator!

GREY BAND: Medium resistance. The perfect in between band. This band is ideal for hip thrusts and adductions. We made sure this band was perfectly designed so you’re able to move it while challenging you at the same time.

BLUE BAND: Light resistance. Ideal for single leg exercises such as straight leg lifts, kickbacks and side walks. Great for beginners and rehab.

GLIDERS: they allow smooth and fluid movement challenging your balance. Great to target the lower body and core providing you with the ultimate workout that will make you sweat and tax your muscles. On holiday without gym access? No worries! Make sure you pack your essential Bionic Bodies Booty kit! No drama!