Shake The Weight Off!

Shake The Weight Off!

One of the hardest things about losing weight can be planning meals.  Each one needs to be nutritionally balanced and satisfying, but also leave you with a calorie deficit at the end of the day.  Achieving this can make dieting feel more like a maths lesson than a lifestyle choice.  One way to tackle this problem is to replace a meal with a specially designed weight loss shake.  These drinks are lower in calories than a typical meal – the Bionic Bodies range is under 121 calories – by incorporating them into your diet they will help you to achieve a calorie deficit, leading to weight loss.

Shakes address another most common dieting problem, which is the temptation to grab something quick and easy (and calorific) when you’re hungry.  Drinking your meal takes away this because it’s simple to prepare and portion control is taken care of too.  Furthermore, because shakes are individually portioned they’re ideal for popping into your handbag or keeping at your office desk, meaning that you’ll never be stuck for a healthy and convenient meal option.

Another advantage of drinking shakes is that they come in a variety of sweet flavours.  We all miss our treats when we’re dieting and chocolatey or creamy foods are usually off the menu because they’re so high in calories.  With high protein nutritional shakes you can enjoy the taste without consuming excess calories.

As well as being kind to your tongue, shakes are also good for your digestive system.  The proteins found in them are easier for your body to process than solid food because the breakdown process is lessened, thus allowing it to extract the maximum benefits.  Nutritionally speaking, whey protein – found in Bionic Bodies shakes – is one of the best protein sources because it contains all nine amino acids.  This makes it a complete protein, providing your body with everything it needs to remain healthy and strong.

With all these benefits, it may seem like a good idea to replace all your meals with shakes, but this isn’t the case.  All-shake diets should be avoided for a number of reasons.  The first is that your body needs a wide range of nutrients to be healthy.  Shakes typically contain no fat or fibre, so it’s important to eat wholefoods alongside them to ensure that you’re taking in everything you need.  If you don’t, you could suffer unwanted side effects, including low energy, brittle hair and nails, dull skin, and digestive problems.

The second reason to avoid all-shake diets is that eating is pleasurable.  We enjoy experiencing the different flavours and textures that food has to offer.  As nice as shakes are, they would be a very boring thing to have three times a day! Mealtimes, especially dinners, are also a point in the day when we tend to take a break and socialise.  Cutting out this enjoyable activity makes dieting miserable and, over time, will reduce your likelihood to stick to your regime.

Meal replacements shakes can therefore help you in your weight loss journey if they’re used sensibly and as part of a balanced diet.  Remember, there’s no point in crash dieting by replacing all of your meals with these drinks.  It’s not healthy or sustainable.  But using them once a day as a quick and easy mealtime option can be extremely beneficial.

BIONIC BODIES TIP: to make a power, healthy and low calorie smoothie try blending your favourite whey protein powder with veggies, some low calorie fruit and ice.  We love spinach, cucumber, berries and apples for the ultimate fat loss smoothie which is perfect to replace one of your daily meals!




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