Shake Up Your Office Routine

Shake Up Your Office Routine

Don’t let your desk job impact on your body’s health; stop yourself from getting stiff and achy by following our advice. Begin with the foundation of your office health: the chair you’re sitting on. Make sure the height is properly adjusted so that you’re not hunched over your desk. Check that the angle of the back isn’t making you slouch or curve your spine. Sitting for hours at a time in a bad position will stiffen your back and lead to health problems. It’s also important to pay attention to how you sit. As women, we have a tendency to cross our legs when we sit. It looks more feminine and it is the socially appropriate way to sit when wearing a skirt or a dress. However, it’s bad for our circulation. Try sitting with your toes tucked underneath your chair or with your ankles crossed instead.

Break up the sitting with short breaks to keep your body limber. Get some water from the water cooler (which is also an excellent way to keep hydrated). Take the stairs to visit the ladies’ room on a different floor. During your lunch break take a short walk outside, the air will do you good and help freshen your mind.

Another really important part of office health is taking care of your eyes if you’re using a computer for a long time. Every twenty minutes you should take your eyes off the screen and look to the distance for ten seconds. Install an eye care filter on your computer to limit the amount of blue light – which contributes to eye strain – your screen emits. These can be downloaded for free from an app store. It’s a good idea to put them on your phone and tablet too. At first you might find the red twinge a bit strange, but once you get used to it you’ll find it to be essential. Finally, you should remember to blink. Yes, really! When working on screens we have a tendency to stare and it’s not good for our eyes.

Active and healthy lifestyles don’t end at the gym. Keep thinking about how you can improve every aspect of your life and follow our blog for more tips.

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