Stay In Shape During Your Holiday With HIIT

Stay In Shape During Your Holiday With HIIT

Founder of Bionic Bodies and Marylebone Personal Trainer Michelle Martinez, shares tips on how to stay in shape during your holiday without spending hours at the gym. “I often get the question: what shall I do on my holiday as part of my workout? Shall I do the same I do with you on our sessions? Shall I just do cardio”?

Some people make a point of working out during their holidays some others prefer just to rest. Personally, my best workouts have been while on holiday simply because I have the time, I sleep more, I am not stressed out and also I have the flexibility of choosing the time to exercise. But that is just me and it is something I enjoy doing when I am on holiday. Working out during holidays has to be something we want to do and not something we feel we have to do, otherwise we are ruining the whole idea of a holiday which should be resting, recharging your mind and body and having fun.

So what about still workout but make those workouts shorter and effective to accommodate for those extra glasses of wine? Don’t worry if you don’t have gym access or perhaps you will be short of time due to meetings, family commitments or having to rely on other people. There is still the option of doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT is performed by doing short bursts of very intense exercise followed by a short rest period. There are many benefits to HIIT. Not only is a short workout, up to 15 minutes long, but also no equipment is required apart from your own body weight. So instead of allocating an hour of your day to a steady pace walk or cross trainer session at the gym, you can burn the same number of calories in just 15 minutes. And you can do this anywhere. At home, at the park, in your hotel room, in the kitchen if the kids are watching TV, in the lounge…

HIIT will also build your fitness fast as it is a short but challenging way of training that will help you cut out fat faster combined with a healthy diet plan.

If you are not familiar with HIIT, there are apps available you can download. You could use Tabata training which is 20 seconds at maximum intensity followed by 10 seconds rest for a total of 10 to 15 minutes. Popular HIIT exercises are: burpees, sprinting on the spot, jumping jacks, jump squats, mountain climbers, push ups and skipping. But you can choose the exercises according to your current fitness level. After all we have to start somewhere!

HIIT is great not only for those who are short in time but is also great as a whole year round kind of training that will keep you fit and trimmed.

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