The Wonderful Green Tea

The Wonderful Green Tea

Green tea has been a popular drink in Asian countries for centuries, both for its taste and its health benefits. It is well-known for containing powerful anti-oxidants which give a range of health benefits, such as aiding the prevention of cancer, slowing down the aging process, and cardiovascular benefits (that’s your heart). It is also used for its anti-inflammatory effects, especially in relation to the liver and skin inflammation. But perhaps the most common use for green tea, in the health supplement world, is as a slimming aid. Green tea does this by speeding up your metabolic rate – that is the rate at which you burn calories. This makes it one of the best dieting tools for women who are trying to lose weight.


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However, the problem with drinking green tea is that it takes a very large quantity to see the desired metabolic results. In fact, you would have to drink five-to-ten cups per day! If you want to see the fat burning benefits without the constant whistle of the kettle boiling you need to consider taking green tea through a supplement. Bionic Bodies Lean Curves contain 330mg of green tea extract per serving, 40% of which are polyphenols (that’s the good anti-oxidant part of the tea). That’s over five cups worth of polyphenols! Two servings per day would really maximise your results, but, of course, you could choose to have one serving and add an extra boost with a cup of green tea. When you don’t have to drink ten it can be very enjoyable!

With all these health benefits in mind, green tea is not only a vital part of a weight loss regime, but an integral part of any woman’s health plan. What’s more, it’s a wholly natural way to improve your body which is why Bionic Bodies loves it.

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