Is the festive season causing you stress? Are you worried about regaining the weight you lost or getting stuck in a food binge cycle? If you’ve been making changes in your lifestyle or following a fat loss regime is pretty normal to feel a bit anxious about all the social commitments which include drinking and food. But really, there’s absolutely no reason to get stressed or paranoid to the point where it affects your enjoyment.

There’s a lot going on at this time of the year and everything revolves around food and drinks! And that’s ok provided you do a little bit of planning ahead. BIONIC BODIES TIPS:

  • Accept that at this time of the year there’s always going to be more temptation around you than normal.


  • On the days you don’t have social commitments, take it easy. By this we mean eat a little less to make room for extra calories to be consumed on those social days!


  • Once you’re faced with an abundance of food don’t panic! Eyeball everything carefully or browse the menu properly before making any decisions. Favour protein sources and vegetables. These will get you fuller and satisfied while keeping those calories under control. You then have room for dessert of couple of cocktails. Is all about balancing out your meal rather than restricting yourself.


  • DON’T overexercise to counteract excessive calorie consumption. You might be tempted to go cardio crazy to burn the calories you ate. But it doesn’t work that way so do what you normally do at the gym!


  • Drink plenty of water. Alcohol, sugary and salty foods are very dehydrating  and you might confuse dehydration with huger.


  • Is not the right time to focus on your weight loss. Be realistic and consider maintaining your weight rather than thinking about how many pounds you have left to lose. That way you can have a healthy break where you can enjoy the season with your loved ones without unnecessary stress. And that’s so important.


  • If you’ve been tracking calories successfully for a while you should know by now what a moderate portion looks like. So trust your knowledge and apply it wisely at this time of the year. You might surprise yourself!


  • Set limits for yourself. We all know that a calorie surplus leads to weight gain the same way a calorie deficit leads to weight loss. You don’t need to eat everything on the table. Instead, chose the foods you really love and enjoy them in small amounts.


  • If things get a bit out of hand, remember you can always get back on track on your next meal. You’re in control!


  • And last but not least, relax, sit back enjoy the season. Collect beautiful moments, they become tomorrow’s precious memories 🙂


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