This Ultimate guide will take you from Gym to Street

This Ultimate guide will take you from Gym to Street

Working out in style has become a must. Walking into a gym or fitness class wearing promotional t-shirts is a thing of the past. Women’s activewear has become trendy, so much so that high street fashion stores now offer gym clothing lines.

Fitting in a workout, picking up the kids from school and food shopping in one single outfit not looking like a sweaty mess sounds like a challenge. But not anymore!! Athletic wear has become stylish and versatile allowing you to switch from gym to street looking awesome. Change from your vest to a jumper and you are good to go. Add your favourite handbag and sunglasses to finish off this trendy look while still looking cool but most importantly, comfortable.

Going for a post workout brunch or coffee with your friends in your workout clothes? Oh yes! It has become the new “in thing” and a whole new lifestyle were embracing health has become important. People seek for practical athletic clothes like these, where comfort and style are key especially for those trying to fit in their workouts into a heavy schedule. Spending some bucks on a great pair of leggings that will make you look great inside and outside the gym is a great investment, as you will not be stuck with something you use occasionally but rather use very regularly.

Gym pants and tops no longer come in plain colours only. There is a huge selection of prints, patterns and styles available to make your workouts fun with different cuts to flatter all body types. Bionic Bodies offers a wide range of workout clothing, sourced from South America. Our collection is versatile and stylish, suitable for inside and outside the gym. Our fabrics are stretchy and quick drying while providing you with comfort and full range of movement even through intense workouts.

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