Unplugging – The Forgotten Art

Unplugging – The Forgotten Art

In a world where productivity is praised, taking time out has become a forgotten art.

We often get tired by the thoughts of all the things we have to do, not from the things we’ve actually done!

In today’s frantic society and addiction to “busyness”, unplugging and adding silence is almost not an option. Switching off, adding silence, peace and quiet will replenish our minds in many ways. Pressing the pause button is essential to reboot and gain perspective.

A great way to recharge batteries is by taking a relaxing holiday somewhere you enjoy and can have some peace and quiet. It might be somewhere by the sea or the countryside. It’s been proven this has a positive impact on our mental health and inspires significant life changes.

If you can’t go on a longer holiday plan a weekend off or get away to a quiet place far from the hustle and bustle of the world and your daily stress. Don’t say you don’t have time! Make time! You’re in control of your life!

Other inexpensive and quick ways of rebooting without taking a holiday are by adding simple pleasures into your daily routine. These simple pleasures include having breakfast solo in a pleasant cafe, taking a yoga class, having a body massage or a simple hot bath enjoying a glass of wine or champagne are great ways to recharge batteries without having to pack your bags.

Finally, remember productivity is just as important as rest. The whole idea is to step back, press that pause button and see yourself gaining some headspace that will allow you to carry on without breaking down! At the end who wants to burn out?

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