Water Is Your BFF

Water Is Your BFF

One problem that we come across a lot here at Bionic Bodies is those who don’t drink enough water. Water isn’t just an important part of your workout routine, it’s an essential feature of your everyday life and your number one beauty tool. A common misconception is that you have to feel thirsty to be dehydrated, but this isn’t true at all. Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen faint lines around your eyes or on your forehead that weren’t there yesterday? That’s dehydration. Not drinking enough water can leave your skin dry and dull. There’s no point in buying expensive face creams if you’re not getting the basics right.

Water also plays an integral part in your workout routine because it helps to keep your performance at its peak. Dehydration can leave your muscles feeling fatigued, meaning that your workouts are harder. When it’s difficult to get through your normal routine you’re never going to give that little bit extra. Dehydration can also affect your ability to concentrate and cause mild headaches. The next time you feel pain coming on, reach for your water bottle instead of the paracetamol.

Drinking plenty of water is the most obvious way of remaining hydrated, but you can also avoid certain substances that will undo all your drinking. Both alcohol and caffeine dehydrate you, so be sure to drink both in moderation. When the weather is warmer or you’re engaging in exercise you should adjust your fluid intake to compensate. And when you’re buying your water, remember, quality counts. Mineral water is the best kind of water because it contains minerals which benefit your body, spring water is second best, and table water (tap water) comes next. But any water is better than no water at all.

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