Why Should I do a Cleanse

Why Should I do a Cleanse

There are a lot of different kind of cleanses out there. Perhaps the best known are the juice cleanse, a cleanse that involves fasting from food, and a teatox. At Bionic Bodies we don’t rate these kind of cleanses because they’re so difficult to do. If you’re working full time you can’t be living off of juice! However, we understand that sometimes our bodies need to be rebalanced for the sake of our health.

Our new Bionic Bodies Cleanse is a cleanse designed for normal women. It will detox your body when it’s taken alongside a healthy eating regime – there’ll be no starving on our watch! It targets your intestinal track to promote weight loss and general health.


The friendly bacteria inside our cleanse supplement also perform another function. They have anti-aging benefits. Yes, believe it or not, our intestines are one of the most important areas of our bodies when it comes to beauty because the toxins that can build up in there can leak out and affect our skin. It all makes sense when you think about it. Good skin comes from within, and what’s more within that our intestines?

What’s more, the supplement is really easy to take. Two capsules per day with food is all you need to remember. You won’t experience any intestinal distress (something that’s often reported as a side effect of teatoxes) and you won’t go hungry. Instead, you’ll feel all the health benefits with none of the drawbacks.

If you want to treat yourself to this cleanse there’s a few lifestyle rules you need to follow in order to maximise your results. Avoid alcohol because it’s full of toxins. Drink plenty of water to flush toxins, which this supplement will remove, out of your body. And generally eat well, although we’re sure you do this already. If you need any healthy eating inspiration you should browse the recipe section of our blog.

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